Heritability Results

Results files for this LDSR analysis are available on Dropbox. Direct download links for each file are below.

File Size Description
ukb31063_h2_topline.02Oct2019.tsv.gz 681 KB Primary SNP heritability results for each phenotype, as reported in the browser
ukb31063_h2_z4.02Oct2019.tsv.gz 4.4 MB Partitioned heritability results for all primary phenotypes reaching \(z>4\) for significance of \(h^2_g\)
ukb31063_h2_all.02Oct2019.tsv.gz 73.7 MB LDSR results for all of the UKB Neale Lab GWAS, including partitioning, sex-stratified results, and alternative versions of phenotypes (e.g. biomarker dilution, non-normalized)

Note the first two files are simply a subset of the full results in ukb31063_h2_all.02Oct2019.tsv.gz. They are provided for the convenience of a smaller download.

LDSC Sumstat Files

In addition to the LDSR results, the exported sumstat files in LDSC format are also available via Dropbox. The table below provides direct download links to the sumstats for the primary GWAS of each phenotype in the LDSR analysis for phenotypes where we have at least some confidence in the LDSR results (see confidence ratings).

You can also view and download a full manifest of dropbox links for the LDSR sumstat files for all of the Neale UKB GWAS.

These files are provided to facilitate running your own LDSR SNP heritability analyses with different models or for genetic correlation analyses. For genetic correlations between the heritable phenotypes in this UKB GWAS, visit ukbb-rg.hail.is

Reference Files

LD scores, weights, and allele frequencies for the Baseline-LD v1.1 model used here are available for download from the Alkes Price lab.

Full GWAS Results

The full GWAS results are available for download from AWS. A full manifest of the available files, with links and documentation, are available here.

For more information about the GWAS analyses, see the Neale Lab blog and github.

Previous SNP Heritability Results

Lastly, the previous results based on the Round 1 Neale Lab GWAS remain available for download on Dropbox, including both univariate and paritioned LDSR results. Round 1 LDSR results can be browsed here (with the corresponding univariate results here).