The plots here are designed to allow browsing overall trends in the SNP heritability and intercepts results from LD Score regression of the Neale Lab GWAS. Individual phenotype results can be viewed in the browser.

All plots below are restricted to results with at least some confidence in the LDSR results, and report SNP heritability on the liabulit scale. See the Methods section for more information on our selection of GWAS phenotypes, confidence ratings for the LDSR results, and significance thresholds.

In addition to the plots below, additional visualizations are available for considering:

Previous plots from the Round 1 results can be found in the Archive section.

SNP Heritability

The average SNP hertiability estimate across all 4178 primary GWAS is 0.065 (median = 0.058). Average estimates increase when restricting to any confidence (mean = 0.078, median = 0.059) or high confidence (mean = 0.088, median = 0.062). Strong departure from the null hypothesis of \(h^2_g=0\) is observed across phenotypes, especially among high confidence results.

SNP Heritability Estimates

SNP Heritability p-values